Restaurant & Cafe

A breathtaking space where diners flock is a dream for every restaurateur. As interior designers, we know that is just the tip of the iceberg. Restaurant interiors are a huge playground, and they have a big role in the whole dining and takeaway experiences. It is no longer just a place for dinner anymore, people come there to relax, connect and have a moment of luxury.

Ambience and comfort, along with good food and good customer service, are the foundation on which a successful restaurant is built. Striking first impression always matters and the entrance creates diverse yet equally inviting experience. The goal of restaurant design is to create an environment that caters to guests, from the beginning of their visit until they walk out the door. A theme based restaurant interior can communicate the brand personality well. To reduce the chances of guest abandonment, the waiting area should comfortably accommodate the number of guests you expect to keep waiting.

The size of the production area directly determines how many guests you can serve. There is no use having a massive dining room with a disproportionately small kitchen which resembles a big car with a tiny engine. Diners need to see and be seen by the staff to feel that all their needs can be met at the earliest. This is an important consideration when balancing privacy and the openness of the layout. We divide the restaurant spaces, physically and visually because most guests prefer to be seated in a corner or at the edge of a space where they can observe their surroundings. We design furniture that is not only durable, but also magnificently convertible considering ergonomics and good adherence to all guests. Lighting must be safe, low-maintenance, easy to control, and must meet the highest energy standards possible. Decorating the space with plenty of greenery can make the place beautiful and relaxing, and can also cleanse the air. Similarly, they make a visual connection for guests about the freshness of food ingredients. When done properly, bold graphics and typography as decors are always amusing and informative. We also design wall arts and a rotating collection of unique paintings that guests cannot resist taking a selfie which possibly will promote your restaurant in the form of user-generated content. Our design touch can enrich the dining experience of your guests and make it memorable so that not only do they keep coming back, but gladly recommend to friends and family.